Hello and Welcome

My name is Kayin Cheung. I’m a software engineer by day, creator of financial tools by night.

What I do

Since 2016, I primarily worked in full stack web development. I worked on data analytics platforms for generating reports and detecting fraud in casinos, self serve advertising platforms and more.

Day to day technologies used include ReactJS, JavaScript, Python, Redis, AWS.

I’ve also launched E-commerce businesses, built 2 SaaS businesses from the ground up and run a cryptocurrency mining farm.

Quant Experience

I had strong interest in algorithmic trading and picked up Python + Pandas to pursue it.

In late 2016 I won Quantopian’s 6 months paper algo trading contest. Quantopian funded my algorithm with a peak of $975K USD for live trading and it ran for 11 months.

In 2020, FDscanner and MiiAlgo were launched, SaaS online businesses for options and intraday traders respectively.

It’s an interest turned into a money making hobby. I would love to work in hedge funds or similar, though my unusual CV will never get pass gatekeepers.


Sometimes an idea pops up. It’s my style to put in at least 200 hours and a few hundred dollars to validate the idea. Here are the successful ones that made at least 5 figures.

2013 – 2015: ShoukoChan – Creating subtle and awesome anime T-shirt

2017 – Current: Cryptocurrency mining farm

2020 – Current: FDscanner, MiiAlgo

Future Plans

  • Continue working for interesting startups
  • Keep improving FDscanner and MiiAlgo
  • Continue active portfolio management
  • Scale down the mining farm
  • At some point in the future I’d like to do long distance courier work in my own tesla cybertruck and see more of the world


Studied mechanical engineering with business minor. Googled my way to my first developer job and the next and so on.

Turns out you never need to balance binary trees or even touch a linked list in real life.

Thanks Google


My main game is Destiny 2. Ranked #3 worldwide on the Control playlist. I post gameplay on Youtube sometimes.

Tried twitch streaming to see if a career can be built, it was fun but didn’t work out.

Being entertaining > Being good

Looking for opportunities

Left my previous job in Sept 2020. Moving to the UK soon. Interested to hear from you if you’re hiring and can sponsor a visa.

Prefer a more startup style company in a developer position.

Startups > Huge companies

MiiAlgo – Algorithmic alert service for intraday traders.

Website: https://miialgo.com/

FDscanner – Options scanner and research

Website: https://fdscanner.com/

ShoukoChan – Wear Anime Proudly

FB: fb.com/ShoukochanAnimeTshirts


Email: kayin@shoukochan.com

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